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Online Workshops offered at New York Film Academy Australia

Online Workshops

NYFA Australia's online workshops are designed to teach the fundamentals of film related disciplines, offering aspiring students the opportunity to gain expertise in their chosen field from anywhere in the world.

The workshops are active creative learning experiences where students will participate in every class, interact with teachers and classmates, and create original work. As with our on-campus programs, classes are kept small to allow for optimal teacher-student interaction, critique, and discussion of creative work.

Each workshop includes live interactive instruction and group meetings. For each one hour of interactive in-class instruction, you will engage in one hour of work outside of class to complete projects and exercises.

Online workshops being offered include:

Online Workshop Dates & Schedules

4-Week Online Workshops are currently being offered for these dates:
  • 8 Jul 2024 - 1 Aug 2024
  • 4 Nov 2024 - 28 Nov 2024
All programs are four weeks long and meet 3 nights a week, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.
  • 30 hours total, 1 x 2.5 hour class per evening.
  • 1 class per day. All times are in Australian Eastern Standard Time ‎(AEST):
    • 5:30pm - 8:00 pm
Tuition: AUD $1,500 per course

Program Requirements

  • Personal computer or laptop
  • Zoom software (free)
  • Screenwriting software (free or Professional) - For Screenwriting and Directing
  • Microsoft Office (Word and Excel for Producers)
  • Access to internet
  • You may require specific software for the workshop. See workshop descriptions for details

4-Week Online Digital Editing with DaVinci Resolve

This Online Digital Editing workshop is designed to serve the needs of students from a wide array of professional, personal, and educational backgrounds. Students will edit various projects over the course, including a montage, a documentary sequence, and a narrative project.

Over the course of the program, students will learn critical skills such as: starting a project, editing tools, post-production workflow, sound design, media management, basic effects, and an introduction to other advanced concepts such as colour grading.

Editors hold one of the most critical roles in the filmmaking industry. Filmmakers rely on an editor’s storytelling and digital editing skills to shape the narrative of their story in post production and to polish their films. Editors are not solely limited to the film industry; they work in many areas of media, including news, documentaries, television, and web series.

Students learn not only the practical skills and tools necessary for an editor, they also gain an insight into the art of storytelling.

Weekly Breakdown/Focus
  • Weeks 1 and 2:
    • DaVinci Resolve Lite /Getting to know the software
    • Intro to Graphics and other tools
    • Creating a Montage (Theory)
    • How to efficiently log footage, Open a project, Basic Editing
    • Project 1: Montage
    • Screening and Critique, Project 1
    • Syncing Audio/Implement audio and perform audio mixing
    • How to correctly export your project with the appropriate settings
    • Intermediate Sound/Advanced audio mixing techniques
    • Creative Storytelling/Be a better storyteller
    • Project 2: Documentary Editing
  • Weeks 3 and 4:
    • Screening and Critique Project 2
    • Color Grading and Correction
    • Project 3: Basic Narrative Editing
    • Project improvements for an advanced, polished look
    • Sound editing techniques
    • Screening and Critique, Project 3
Class Details Close


This workshop focuses on how a filmmaker writes, preps for and directs a short film while focusing on the fact that good storytelling is never about the technology but rather the story and the acting.

Through a series of online lectures and guided exercises this workshop will cover the tools available to help implement the Director’s vision in the unique narrative structure of the short film they write. Examined in depth this course covers including but is not limited to the necessary elements that make a good scene/story, how a director breaks down the written word into visual shots and creates point of view, getting good performances from the actors and designing a visual strategy for their story.

Students participate in a series of lectures, discussions, and in-class screenings to further hone their understanding of the art and craft of directing. This class has a special focus on pre-production and the elements of visual storytelling.

Weekly Breakdown/Focus
  • Week 1: Introduction to Visual Grammar, Mis en scene / Screenwriting - Formatting a screenplay and Generating ideas / Editing - Software Introduction, Narrative Editing
    • Practicum: Narrative Stills Sequence Exercise
  • Week 2: Director’s Craft Exercise Review, Coverage & Blocking / Screenwriting - writing the short narrative, the outline / Camera - Composition and Lighting
    • Practicum: Practicum: Composition and Lighting Exercise
  • Week 3: Camera - Composition and Lighting Exercise Review / Camera - Lenses / Working with Actors / Working with Crew / Script Markup / Storyboards
    • Practicum: Short Narrative Film Exercise
  • Week 4: Editing the short narrative / Sound Design / Final Screening and Critique
Class Details Close


This online intensive Acting program will help develop the skills you need to compete in the business of acting. Students will learn how to choose and workshop monologues, explore how to produce their own original material, discover how to break down and prepare a script, watch and discuss great performances from some of the best talent in the industry, and prepare for the business by learning how to self-tape and submit for auditions. This unique experience is a wonderful way to study at New York Film Academy Australia with people from all over the world, with the convenience of an online platform.

Classes: Text in Action, Monologues, Voice and Speech, Audition Technique
Class Details Close


This Online Screenwriting Workshop will provide students with hands-on experience on what it means to be a screenwriter in the film industry. Students will learn the basic building blocks of story - structure, character, dialog, and industry-standard formatting. They will use these tools to develop an original idea for a feature film into a detailed Beat Sheet. The program focuses primarily on the basic tools all writers need to develop their stories. It provides a fundamental knowhow relevant to anyone who wants to write cinematically for the screen.

Students will complete the program with written practice scenes and a detailed Beat Sheet for a feature film.

Weekly Breakdown
  • Week One
    • Class 1: Writer’s Toolkit - Intro, Loglines, Synopsis
    • Class 2: Screenplay Formatting & Software
    • Class 3: Intro to Three Act Structure + themes
  • Week Two
    • Class 4: Logline and Synopsis Review
    • Class 5: Character
    • Class 6: Writing Scenes
  • Week Three
    • Class 7: Sample Scene + Character Breakdown Review / Intro to Dialogue
    • Class 8: Dialogue and Subtext
    • Class 9: Turning Points / Intro to Beat Sheets
  • Week Four
    • Class 10: Dialogue and Subtext exercise review
    • Class 11: Beat Sheet Exercise
    • Class 12: Beat Sheet Review and refinement
Class Details Close


This Online Producing workshop gives students an introductory overview of the entire producing process. Courses include: Producer's Craft (students learn the elements of production management, including identifying and developing material for the screen, financing, budgeting and scheduling), Pitching (an essential producing skill), Film Festival Strategies, as well as an introduction to the various crafts of filmmaking including: Screenwriting, Directing and other key creative roles. Graduates of the program will gain practical and pragmatic skills, tools, and knowledge, enabling them to develop and hone necessary skills for a career in the film and television industry.

Classes: Producer’s Craft, Pitching, Story and Screenwriting, Scheduling and Budgeting, Production Management, Working with the Director, Film Craft - Production, Film Craft - Post Production, Film Festival Strategies, Final Review.
Class Details Close
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